Video Production and Editing for GovCon Community

The pandemic has everyone staring at their screens! Are you facing your customers where they are found the most? Strides Agency is proud to offer video recording, editing, production and marketing services for GovCon community. Get a true white-glove experience in video crafting, where, our professionals come to your site, record, package and promote your video within days. Host your own show and don your best foot forward.

- Video podcasts
- Onsite show filming, recording
- Youtube marketing for your videos.
- Editing and marketing webinar videos

Video Podcast

Video Podcasts are the true advantage over your competitors' audio-only podcasts. With a little extra investment, engage your audience through a visually engaging consumption experience. They will love what they see, and will come back for more!

Strides Agency takes care of your entire Video Podcast projects, from necessary equipment, to recording, editing, encoding, uploading and marketing, we got your covered.

On-site recording

Nothing says "I'm important" more than a talk show, recorded at your office, with some of your industry's top thought-leaders.

What would the audience say, when they see you, or your star employees, steal the stage? They will love it!

Editing, Packaging and Marketing Your Video

Recording a video is one thing, but editing it, cleaning it up, running LUTS, fixing audio, adding intro, graphics, name-plates, and animations, all take time and specialized skills. Strides Agency covers editing, branding, and encoding, as part of its contract with you.

DIB Tech Talk - A Brand Developed and Produced at Strides Agency

DIB Tech Talk is developed, produced and promoted by Strides Agency. Please check out the web series to draw inspiration for your next video project!

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