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Strides Agency is a Marketing/Communications firm,  with expertise in growth marketing, content creation, and video production for cybersecurity and AI offerings.

Get unparalleled value for your marketing investment  with our deep industry experience in GovCon, DOD-Supply-chain, FinTech and  CMMC-Ecosystem

Cyber and information security practitioners, MSSPs, product developers, C3PAOs, and law firms have a critical role in securing the nation's critical infrastructure. Strides Agency equips these warrior organizations and consultants with powerful and effective marketing engine that drives up awareness and recognition within their target market, leading to net new customers.

Agency Services

Cybersecurity Marketing

Regular, brand-specific, premium content such as blogposts, social media, email campaigns, and more. Content created specific to your industry.

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Demand Generation

Make your product or service known to the U.S. Defense Industry. Help us get you to market with a known presence and converting pipeline.

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Video Production

Studio-level production is now available to small technology businesses. We  offer production, design and marketing for podcasts, video podcasts, corporate shows, and digital events in the GovCon community. You bring your speakers and hosts, we film, edit, package and deliver the finished product to you in days.

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Defense Industrial Base Marketing

Do you have great content to share with the defense industrial base (DIB), about NIST 800-171, but lack DIB audience? We can help. Unlock exclusive opportunities like targeted webinars, guest spots, email promotions, and website sponsorships to reach decision-makers and maximize your impact in front of this critical infrastructure.

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AI Integration: Fine-tuning ChatGPT and more

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, harnessing the power of AI is critical to staying ahead of the competition. At Strides Agency, we provide tailored AI solutions that empower your organization to innovate and grow.

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Get a Full Run-Down on CMMC Marketing

CMMC Consulting companies and product owners: must-watch webinar recording on the state of CMMC marketing and what it takes to acquire new customers. Presented by our founder, Sy Khan.

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