A Must-Have: Demand Generation for Cybersecurity and AI

Today's buyers are engorged in digital content. There's no end in sight. Executing a strategy that identifies them, draws their attention, hooks them on premium content such that they turn into high-intent buyers, falls under Demand Generation. Our custom demand-generation framework is designed to work for CMMC-ecosystem and other regulated industries. Learn how we approach demand gen.

Professional Demand-Generation Framework for Your Cybersecurity or AI/ML Product

Demand Generation Framework for CMMC-related Products and Services

Persona Development & Market Research

Step 1

Identify your ideal prospects, and develop firmographic layer to segment, isolate and refine your target market. Precision is key in enterprise demand generation.

Brand Awareness and Thought-Leadership Content Development

Step 2

Deliver consistently outstanding content, by way of webinars, events, blogposts, and more.

World-Class, Eye-Catching Campaigns that Turn Heads and Inspire Action

Step 3

Custom-developed marketing campaigns in cybersecurity industry. Your campaign is always unique, inspiring, and designed to deliver results.

Think Marketing-Qualified-Leads (MQLs), not "Leads"

Step 4

Marketing automation is a critical part of demand generation. Get qualified leads by exposing them to multiple  conversion events. Once qualified with extensive marketing, they are delivered to you.

Effective Sales Development Team

Step 5

Sales Development is a critical part of cybersecurity sales. A personal touch, with impactful messaging draws in your prospect and carries the sale to finish-line. Consult with us on creating an SDR team.

Sales Enablement 

Step 6

Equip your sales team with effective sales tools that help them drive the sales process forward. We create powerpoints, battle-cards, slicks and web pages to help your star execs deliver.

Customer Retention

Step 7

Retain and renew customers with data-driven customer retention tactics. Inquire for additional details.


Strides Agency uses following channels for demand generation

Search Engine Marketing

Google organic and paid listings. Top rankings on Google amount to free traffic and revenue. SEM is a must-have for modern technology firm.


Organic word-of-mouth, thought-leadership, consistent posts, informative polls and community engagement is a full time role in most organizations. And it remains unfilled. Strides Agency can assist.

Email marketing

Precise, consistent, and meaningful connection with your subscribers, prospects and customers.


Create powerful online or in-person events to drive audience and awareness. We cover planning, execution, and most important, post-event marketing and follow-ups.

ABM Tools

We are proficient in using  industry-standard ABM and Marketing Automation  tools like HubSpot, Trello, etc.

All of this is supported with a rigorous

Data-Driven Approach to Marketing

- Get regular reports
- Weekly synch-ups
- Quarterly strategy

Attractively Priced

We are priced to be accessible and effective for small business consulting firms as well as marketing teams with limited budget.

Commitment to Your Success

Our flexibility, broad set of skills and transparency will give you a sign of relief and comfort knowing, your marketing is in best of hands.

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